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The global solution for your waste

IPMI France, is an International representation company

On the marketplace since 1993, IPMI has researched and selected for you a range of high innovative technologies in the field of recycling and environmental issues

IPMI has been dedicated for 10 years in the recycling industry

Thanks to its long term experience and knowledge, IPMI can provide you with a whole range of recycling equipment such as shredders for the treatment of non ferrous scrap copper or aluminium cable , complete processing line for used tyres ( truck + car tyres ) so as to achieve maximum valorization of byproducts under the form of high grade 3 mm crumb rubber without any textile nor steel.

Small shredders for packaging waste , complete system for fluorescent lights recycling through full recovery of fluorescent powder, mercury vapour lamps and other mercury contaminated waste

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On top of these outlined equipment , IPMI France is also presenting an innovative new type of shredder-compactor for paper and packaging card box waste.

for regular packaging waste IPMI can arrange in the south of France for the collecting of :

  • card box waste in bales
  • Plastic bales in 500 Kg bales
  • And over the French territory :
  • Thge collection of fluorescent lights and mercury vapour lamps
  • Household batteries
  • Used Auto catalyst


IPMI is friendly associated to the following World associations

  • BIR (Bureau International du Recyclage),
  • ISRI (Institute of Scrap recycling Industries aux USA)
  • ETRA (European tyre recycling Association).

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