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In the Non Ferrous Metal recycling domain, IPMI offer two lines of products:

1-The Compact line with "SINCRO":

The compact "SINCRO" line of equipment allow easy and efficient non ferrous cable  with a new "dry" processing method - The cables are first shredded in similar pieces in a granulator . next the copper or aluminum is automatically separated from the plastic ( PVC or polyethylene insulation material )

All SINCRO units are featuring a granulator fitted with knives , a vibrating and air blowing separation table to fluidilize the material to be separated
A built in filtration system prevents dust emission in the immediate environment    

The system is sound insulated for added comfort

Advantages of the SINCRO system :

1. Low energy requirement
2. Compact size  
3. Easy set up and installation  
4. Low operating cost  
5. Good quality / Excellent Value

The line of SINCRO Non ferrous cable recycling units is intended to meet different production requirements.
  • Sincro 315C >   80 -100 Kg/h
  • Sincro 415C > 150 – 200 Kg/h
  • Sincro 530C > 300 –400 Kg/h
  • Sincro 950C > 900 –1100 Kg/h

For more informations visit the GUIDETTI web site

2-Large Capacity Equipments:

  • Rotary shredders with reversible blades
  • Granulators
  • Magnetic separators
  • Density separators

We are able to supply one of the most extensive range of equipment on the market place with rotor size of 550 mm and 800 mm to 2400 mmrotor length.

Screens of different sizes make it possible to calibrate the material to be treated

As a general rule : 16 to 50 mm for a typical pre-shredding application and 10 to 3 mm for granulation

Main application for these shredders are :

  • Any type of electrical cables
  • Cable with steel self supporting ( figure 8 )
  • High voltage aluminum cable
  • Aluminum cable with steel ( ACSR )
  • Aluminum profiles with metal inserts
  • Electronic waste
  • Computer waste ( PC boards )
  • Telecommunication waste (telephone switchboards, relays etc… )

Copper/ aluminum car radiators

Nicad household batteries

PET car bumpers

In general, all synthetic material with small metallic contamination

Such as for example car window buffing material

Fiber glass based waste material

Automobile oil filter s

Catalytic cylinders

Metal turnings

Car shredded waste dust ( RBA )

Volume reduction of any type of voluminous waste

Sincro 415 by Guidetti SINCRO 415 by Guidetti

la PG 1600...
Cable shredding

Shredding of electronic waste , PC boards

closeup2.jpg (31287 octets)
Shredding of cable with steel ( 20 mm)

chambrebroy.jpg (12872 octets)
Spot view of the blade arrangement

SORTIECUIVRE.jpg (26053 octets)
Copper is separated from the plastic insulant and comes out in form of granulate

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